Brian Richards B.Sc M.Ed 


360fusion.net is about Immersive Media design, creation and virtualization,  including 360 VR Photography/Video and VR Tours, and is the work of Brian Richards, who has worked in many capacities with multi-media and instructional design for Higher Education since 1978, in England, Saudi Arabia, Romania and the USA.

Brian Richards is currently the VP Director of the International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.

"An avid Photographer for most of my life I began exploring 360 VR Photography while working with faculty and students, and in 2010 attended the IVRPA Conference in Tucson. From there I became an avid 360 VR Photographer and VR Media Maker and developed working relationships and collaborations with colleagues and professionals, while exploring the fields of Immersive Media and eXtended Reality."

Please contact me directly for more details of image licensing, 360 VR or web design services, or to discuss collaboration.

 Contact email: brian@360fusion.net

Legacy Tour ~ Sandy Hook Seasons 2004 - 2009

Music 'Back Vibes Clean' by Kevin MacLeod. Available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.